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The tool that can help you in your email marketing campaigns.


Our technology is designed to maximize the delivery ratio of your sent email.

Enriched segmentation
Our smart segmentation allows to evolve the standard based on clics to automated segmentation.

We provide the maximum flexibility with custom developments, adapting the tool to your necessities.

Local Infrastructure
Our wide team infrastructure guarantees availability of 99.9% to resolve all necessities demanded.

Personalized recommendations
Turn each email into an unique experience for your potential customers. We generate personalized product recommendations based on the behaviour of each of your users.

Recovery of abandoned carts
The key to boost the conversion rate of your business. Recover your users’ abandoned carts and deliver them to your users through email in an automatic way, so they can finish the shopping process with just a click.

Ready for your first successful email marketing campaign?

Our services

Creativity, design and layouts

We create and design your email campaigns, landing pages and registration forms.

Ad hoc Developments On Demand

Mittum is a modulable email marketing software that can be adapted to the necessities of each customer.


The best practices for sending emails. Las mejores prácticas en envíos. Digital relational plan.

Campaign execution

We get in charge of the complete process of email shipping management, whichever your email tool is.

Analytics and optimization

Constant optimization process for your metrics with the objective of improving your performance.

Local team 100% dedicated

Both in Spain and in Mexico we provide a local service in design, programming and operation areas.